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RON RICH, singer/songwriter, has been kicking around the music and club scene for quite some time. Born and raised in the hills of West Virginia, Ron was the second oldest of five children. “Everyone in the family was musically inclined, ” he said. “I was the only one crazy enough to make it a career.” As a solo artist, he has performed in all parts of the country, keeping the troubadour style of music alive with just his voice and guitar.

He was approached by “Legends in Concert”, a nationally known tribute company out of Las Vegas, to impersonate John Denver in their Branson, Missouri theater in the fall of 1999. Ron now lives in Florida, portraying John for “Legends” on the Sterling Casino ship, in Cape Canaveral. “Portraying John on stage in front of thousands of people, is more of a privilege then a job,” he says. “John has left a legacy of songs. A legacy that songwriters like me would love to accomplish.”

Ron is the father of two children, Casey, his handsome son, and Sara, his beautiful daughter. His life and times are reflected in his “Under the Moon” CD.

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